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    Join the New ERA of Marketing
    We find the connection between your service and the target audience,and use it to bond
    with your customers by offering a complete, human experience instead of a sales pitch.
  • A Totally New Way to Grow Your Career
    We embrace a strong entrepreneurial mindset and team members looking for
    opportunities that can continue to move them up the ladder!
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    People Helping People
    Community Outreach. Local Generosity. Local Need.

Brand Management

BOOM! It’s all about grabbing their attention, but the question is can you keep it? Content is EVERYTHING. We believe that our brand isn’t just important, it shows what we stand for values wise as a company.

Customer Acquisitions

Having a solid customer acquisition strategy is an essential component for any business. Without it, you're going to seriously struggle to grow your business in any kind of meaningful way.


With today’s ever-shifting market, it is essential to stay up to date on current trends. The dialogue between companies and consumers is changing! Consumers prefer active exchanges rather than traditional, passive interactions. Consumers crave real human interaction.

Customer Service

What we do and the approach we take gives immeasurable results, marketing is more than just securing consumers for our clients, it’s about creating a relationship that lasts.

Why you'll love ERA?

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About Us

We don’t settle for small achievements, instead we like to dream big, while remaining realistic. By giving our team the training they deserve, we ensure that promotions are made from within.

Our Values

We’ll analyze the territories we serve to get the best results in our area. The world of direct marketing is changing. We are proud to be at the forefront of this development.


We are always looking for people who are eager to start their career. We offer a Management Training Program that has yielded numerous success stories. Your good work is always valued.


You don’t have to take our word for it. ERA Advertising has had a long track record of success. Ask any of our clients, ERA Advertising always delivers.

Our Culture is
Awesome outstanding Amazing Wonderful Creative

A large aspect of our company culture is personal development.

Personal development is the investment into improving yourself, it involves accepting responsibility for your life and taking conscious actions to improve it with the right coaching and training. We believe in promoting solely from within which allows us to work hand in hand to develop our team as opposed to bringing new managers from the outside in. This allows us as an organization to hold each other accountable, and the best part is that we never ask individuals on the team to do something we haven’t done ourselves! We provide opportunities of advancement to every individual who joins the team and we base these off of achievement and not seniority. We believe that practicing day to day operations with integrity, building long lasting relationships, and committing to always giving it our 100%; together we can create a new ERA in the marketing industry together as a family.

Management Promotions
Territories Covered
National Retailers
Team Members

who we are

We are Boutique Advertising Firm

When it comes to the best advertising firms, many people believe a boutique advertising firm is the provider of choice. Quite a few associate the word boutique with a small clothing store that sells exclusive items, yet it refers to any business that serves a specialized or sophisticated niche. This type of agency tends to be smaller than its competitors, offers more personalized service, and is more cost-effective for the client.

Remember the movie Jerry McGuire? This film is about a boutique sports agency, with Tom Cruise serving in the role as the agent. He offered personalized service, one client at a time, and that’s what an advertising firm of this type strives to do.

Family Photo’s

We are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other.

Blog About It!

Era Advertising Makes Moves in the 4th Quarter

November 2017

Vacaville, Ca. November 2017- Having just returned from a company-wide R&R trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, CEO Gianna Costello wasted no time returning to the office to start planning the next big move before year end. When Era Advertising launched their Vacaville branch back in March of this year, the plan was to expand as quickly as possible.

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